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Our Units

In addition to its modern architecture, nossamar consists of duplex villas and residential flats that emphasize comfort with every detail, and each one offers a unique view. They provide a comfortable environment you can enjoy all year long thanks to privileged services offered 24/7, a great location, exceptional view and mild climate

Duplex Flat

4+1 gross area 202 sqm

Ground Floor

Living Room & Kitchen 47,5 sqm
Bedroom 12,6 sqm
Entranceway 3 sqm
Bathroom 6 sqm
Vestibule 3,7 sqm
Terrace 17,2 sqm

1st Floor

Guest Bedroom 11 sqm
Guest Bedroom 12,6 sqm
Bedroom 20,4 sqm
Changing Room 6,2 sqm
Parents’ Bathroom 4,2 sqm
Entranceway 7,7 sqm
Bathroom 4,2 sqm
Terrace 17,2 sqm

Flat Unit

2+1 gross area 101 sqm

Living Room & Kitchen 30 sqm
Bedroom 12,6 sqm
Teen Bedroom 11 sqm
Entranceway 8 sqm
Bathroom 4,3 sqm
Vestibule 3,7 sqm
Terrace 17,2 sqm